Box Office multimedia workstation


The top portion:
– 1 Seater with office desk
Storage compartments – 2 CDs and records
– 1 Space for two to three 20″ LCD screens.
– 2 Storage drawers PC laptop and other things
– 1 90cm LED light wand

The bottom portion:
3 doors with sliding shelf for A3 multifunction printer
– 1 Space for CPU with storage space for cables
– 2 drawers
– 6 wheels

Designing an office workstation in clean design and FAKTUM ABSTRAKT gloss white lacquer.

Taking the appearance of a buffet lounge, the Box Office work station integrates easily into space and allows a solution of aesthetic and functional storage space for computer equipment.

Its dimensions can accommodate any professional computing environment (central unit, A3 Multifunction Printer, 2 to 3 LCD screens, laptop storage, CDs, records, papers etc. ..) to work in optimal conditions.

It can be used in the office or at home for its multitude of storage and its intuitive ergonomics to organize everyday accessories. A slight pressure is sufficient to open the doors and drawers. The cable passes are provided at the rear of the cabinet to let the electrical cables of different devices. By its minimalist design and an elegant box, the BOX OFFICE workstation can hide the workspace when it is closed.

See more of the box office workstation. (in French)

~ MONOKROM-Architectes, PARIS