Chalk and cheese – Two Lack hacks

Materials: Two Lack side tables. Antonius top

I needed an ottoman for my couch, but since it was only a cheap Klobo sofa, I decided to make one.

Then I realised I needed a new coffee table, because my existing one was much lower than the ottoman. But my ottoman was so big, I only had enough room for a small lack side table. So I decided to make it look like a small lack coffee table!

Materials for Ottoman
-Lack side table – mine was a half price as-is one, because it doesn’t matter if the top is scratched.
-Furniture tacks
-60×60 cushion insert
-1m fabric of your choice

What to do:
Measure the table, and sew a cover for the table that comes down as long as you want on the table (I left mine about 10cm from the floor, as I wanted the exposed legs. If the fabric stretches some during sewing, put elastic in the seam allowance at the bottom to tighten it back up.

Take the cover off the table, and put the cushion insert on top. Place the cover back on. Now you have to tack it in place. You can either put tacks (or buttons) through the fabric and cushion, if you desire, but I wanted a less visible look, so I hammered underneath the cover (through the seam allowances) around the edges of the table.

Lack Coffee Table with extra shelf

-Lack side table
-Antonius top (these only come in white, so if you didn’t pick a white table, you will need a piece of wood 45x55cm)
-‘L’ brackets and screws (make sure they are less than 1.5cm long)

Assemble the table. Screw the L shape brackets into the center of the legs, All facing the inside so they make a rectangle shape. (The top of the brackets should face the table top)

Drill holes part-way through the wrong side of the antonius top, where they will be needed by the brackets.

Screw Antonius top onto brackets, and admire your work!

~ Elizabeth, Australia