Customized hallway solutions

Materials: Sideboard: 2 Faktum base cabinets width 30cm, Abstrakt doors high-gloss white, 2 Varde knobs, 8 Capita Legs, piece of worktop from the building center, cabinet cover panels high-gloss white

Description: When we moved into a new flat, I was looking for a sideboard for the hallway, but nothing fitted with the the heater. So we built our own sideboard out of 2 Faktum kitchen base cabinets underneath to hide all the clutter like wireless LAN sender and phone base station. We did cut-outs in the back boards of the cabinets and added power distribution units on each side, to have fewer cords between the cabinets. On top we assembled a color-matching worktop from the building center. This worktop got a little cut-out for the telephone cord, done with a drill. Cabinets have been covered with the cover panels.

There was a little alcove in the hallway, ideal place for shoes and coats. But I didn’t like the available shoe cabinets. I had some kitchen cabinets left over from my old Ikea kitchen. So we took two of them, drilled them to the wall, cover them with the cover panels on every side and added new doors. For a clean look I used the push opener instead of handles. So all the shoes found a new place then.

~ Sevi, Germany