Design Studio – Sliding Conference Room Wall

Materials: Pax wardrobe doors, barn door track and hardware, printed graphic image

We created a series of open rooms in a design studio but wanted a way to screen them off when clients came in to hide contents, cover up messes, create a bit of optional privacy, etc.

We decided to use a series (5) IKEA Pax wardrobe doors with coroplast inserts (not sure if this model is still available) as the screening dividers. We then found a small architectural sketch that we had done for a project and enlarged it to 8′ x 20′ wide using Adobe Illustrator. We printed the black image using a large format plotter on to an optically clear, adhesive backed material. We then cut the image in to 5 pieces and applied them to the doors.

For the final install, we bought commercially available barn door track and hardware and installed the doors in a continuous run.

The doors can slide the entire with of all three rooms to create visual breaks, one large backlit (from outside windows) image, etc.

~ Scott Richardson, Cleveland, OH