Ektorp Tullsta to Rocking Chair Using Spare Crib Parts

Materials: Ektorp Tullsta, Spare Crib Parts, Screws

Description: I had a Tullsta chair I loved, it was just the right size for our nursery but I really wanted a rocking chair. I’m super cheap though so I went digging in the garage for something I could use as rocker runners. I discovered an old drop-side crib a friend wanted to take to the dump awhile back so I had asked if I could have it knowing I’d use the parts for something.

The sides had decorative curves (see photo above) so I took one side apart to get to 2 matching curved pieces. I then cut those curved pieces down to the right length. I determined the right length by cutting off anything that would get in the way of it rocking. That turned out to be just the right size. (photo below shows remaining scraps)

I then measured and cut other spare parts from that same piece of the crib to secure the rocker runners exactly parallel then screwed the whole setup into the bottom of the Tullsta chair (minus the legs).

I flipped the chair back over, scooted up my homemade rolling footstool, grabbed the baby and rocked him to sleep.

See more of the Ektorp rocker.

~ Julie, Seattle, WA

Jules Yap