Everything but the kitchen sink desk

Materials: Vika Kaj adjustable legs, Ikea hollow core desktop

I moved in to an old storefront and I needed a kitchen sink counter surround fast and cheap. I ran out to Ikea just before closing to buy a counter top and when I got there I was told ikea had no counter tops left. A fire had destroyed a warehouse and there were none available for love or money. So instead I bought some Vika Kaj adjustable legs and went home to poke around in the garage. There I found an old hollow core Ikea desktop. Since what I needed didn’t have to last forever, I cut a hole in the desktop for the sink. Then I polyurathaned it, set the sink in, attached the legs, re-attached the plumbing and caulked.

As you can see from the photo, I needed adjustable legs because the sink is located above a narrow lip of concrete.

~ anne, Los Angeles

Jules Yap