GRUNDTAL fork light mount

Materials: Grundtal hangers, v-brake spacers, 1 flat washer, M5 bolt and Nut (3 cm long)

Description: Lights are an essential item on every commuter’s bike. Most commuter lights, when mounted on the handlebars, only allow you to be seen on the road, not SEE the road. So fork mounts were the answer. Closer to the ground, most of the light is direct to it. I could have gone for one of the many commercial solutions on the market but they are too expensive.

Firstly got a pair of Grundtal hangers from Ikea and some v-brake spacers I had home. If you don’t have those spacers just go to your local bike shop, I’m sure they will give it to you for free, or just simply use nuts to work as spacers.

1- Put the M5 nut inside the plastic part of the hanger.
2- Insert one spacer through the bolt and then the bolt through one of your fork’s dropout eyelets.
3- With the bolt in place, insert more spacers (as needed) and a washer (this will hold the hanger’s stainless tube). Tighten the set.
4- Insert the tube and the hanger’s locking piece and tighten it.
5- Place a small sponge and place your light on your brand new fork mount.
6- Enjoy.

~ Nuno Regadas, Porto – Portugal