DIY Gym mirrors

Materials: PAX VIKEDAL mirror door

Description: To build a low budget big surface, distortion-free and easy to handle mirror, you need …

– PAX VIKEDAL mirror doors
– a set of top hat rails
– straight wooden slats
– screws (and screw anchors)
– cloth pads
– appropriate tools

Get ready with the material you need.

DIY Gym mirrors

Screw the top hat rails onto the back of the mirror doors on both top and bottom. I am using some CD jewel cases that help me easily keep a certain distance to the edge.

DIY Gym mirrors

Add one extra slat above the upper rail to prevent it to slide slightly …
Stick cloth pads (3 on each rail) to avoid scratching the wall … and to ensure a tight wall – mirror connection.

The mirrors are now ready to be hung with two big (3 mirrors weigh 60 kg together) screws. Please use appropriate screws and screw anchors. Mount the screws but leave 2 mm of space so that top hat rails “hook” onto both screws.

DIY Gym mirrors

Mirror hanging 9 cm off the ground.

DIY Gym mirrors

Little distance to the wall lets the air circulate and clears possible uneven surface. Mirrors hang safely on the two screws – but may still be slid sideways.

Have fun!

~ Mihi