A modern IKEArtpiece

Materials: Nightstand, paint, cutter, glue

Description: Dynamic visual art for your wall that provides the creation of effects through the use of pattern, color and shade. A mid twenty century “De Stijl” style piece that features a dimensional abstract design. A modernistic wall sculpture at low costs, thanks to Ikea.

Unwrapping my Ikea DIY nightstand left me with large quantities of cardboard. Not only board in the ordinary thickness, but also pieces of exceptional sizes.

Every Ikea item comes with other cardboard dimensions. Try your luck. 😉

Choose the colors that suits the rest of your interior. Use only a few colors. Use woodglue and acrylic paint for a fast result. Ready? Protect your piece of art with a protective coating to prevent discoloring.

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~ Marijke Bruin, Holland