Besta Photography Display

Materials: Besta Cabinets, Besta Glass Doors, Digital Photos, A Good Neighborhood Print Shop

Description: This is fun way to dress up Besta wall cabinets and display your photography, art, or kids’ drawings!

1. Purchase Besta wall cabinets. Any size/combo will do. In this photo:
Two 47 1/4″ x 15 3/4″ white Besta wall cabinets
One 23 5/8″ x 15 3/4″ white Besta cabinet.

2. Purchase one glass aluminum door for each section. This combo takes 5 doors.

3. Take out the white/black paperboard insert in the glass door and measure it. That is the exact size your art should be.

4. For photos, crop your digital photos to that size in a photo-editing software program. A few settings to consider: CYMK, 300dpi.

For kids’ drawings, choose a semi-thick piece of drawing paper and cut it to the dimensions above.

5. Take your photos to a good neighborhood printshop to be printed. Kids’ drawings can be laminated to look more professional, or left alone to be changed out for a new piece every so often.

6. Cut off any white border left behind by the print shop.

7. Insert photo into glass door, put white/black paperboard behind it to keep it flat.

A wonderful way to display your photography or kid’s art!

A few tips: choose photos that belong to one theme, and keep them all in color or all black and white. A common element helps unify the group.

Hope you enjoyed this!

~ Form & Function