Double Layer Coffee Table

Materials: 2 VIKA Table tops, 4x VIKA MOLIDEN Legs, 8x L brackets (1/2″) , 1/2″ self-tapping metal screws. Tools: Dremel (cut off wheel and wood router bit), metal file, Drill

Description: I got the black && stainless steel 47 1/4″ x 23 5/8″ table top (really any 2 of the same size will work).

First thing I did was to cut the legs down to size. I left the plastic footer piece in so I could push it out from the back side without damaging the outward facing look. Originally I cut the height down to 19″ but after I set it up next to my couch I decided to take them down to 16″ tall. I just used a Dremel with a cut off wheel attachment (used a fine point micron pin to mark my lines on the metal).

Once I cut all the legs down to size I used a flat metal file to even everything up. And used a rod to push the plastic feet out (anything works that fits into the legs and is longer than length).

Next I attached 1 leg to the top table and measured how far in the legs went (2.5″ in). Measured the holes 4cm x 4cm (square) offset 2.5″ from the corners. Used the router attachment for the Dremel with a wood cutting drill bit. It didn’t drill deep enough so I had to come in from both sides.

Note: When doing this I would start at a low depth and slowly work down to the full depth. Also cut a hole smaller than the legs and work out till the leg fits.

Once the holes were cut and the legs fit I used painters tape and put around the holes and painted the inside of the holes flat black so it hid some of the mistakes I made for not cutting straight.

Next I measured 3″ up from the feet of the legs and marked holes in the center of the side of the leg as to where the L brackets were going to go. I put 2 on each leg, the 2 sides facing the opposite edges of the table.

Once marked and all legs detached from the top table, I slid the legs into the lower table. I used the self-tapping screws and a drill to attach the L brackets. Once all the legs had the 2 brackets in place I slid the table top down to the L brackets and used the same self-tapping screws to attach the table. Then I used the screws the legs came with and attached the legs to the top table.

Finally I pushed the plastic feet on. That is the end of the journey.

~ Gerald