Faktum floating Office Cabinet Radiator Cover

Materials: Faktum Abstrakt wall cabinets (37x80x92cm)

Description: We spent all our money on the mega-sized design office table. So there was hardly any money left for the storage cabinet.

The decision was easy: white Abstrakt kitchen wall cabinets, as they are perfect for folders. Just the right depth and height. But I also wanted to get the ugly radiator out of sight.

To get this done, we built a large strong pinewood framework in front of and around the radiator, firmly anchored in the wall. We built the framework so that the radiator heat would not get obstructed by the frame. Every 80cm we made vertical pinewood beams on which we mounted the 4 2-door cabinets and a 1-door cabinet.

To finish off, a 28mm think fingerjointed wooden plate covered all sides of the new formed cabinet. It’s painted in a greygreenish Christmas tree color, matching the trees outside.

For the radiator to deliver its heat, the top panel has a milled in metal ventilation grid.

The whole piece of furniture is floating 15cm above the floor to make it more spacious.

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~ Sven van Buuren, Netherlands, Rotterdam