Girly Kura bunk bed

Materials: Kura bed, Sultan lade, 2×2″ beams, mdf, paint, wallpaper, screws, screwdriver, saw

Description: It was time for our daughters to share room and two beds would take up unnecessary floor space. I was after a bunk bed where we could place our 15 months girl in the lower bed and our 4 year old on top. The Kura bed was perfect in size and height but I dislike the blue and pine combo plus it only had one proper bed…

I bought a used Kura bed and went to the hardware store and got a 6mm mdf and some 45x45mm beams. The hardware store helped me cut up the mdf in the same size as the panels around the top bed. Also had to cut the beams to same size as top bed and mill a groove in to the beams around the bottom bed in order to fit the new mdf panels.

Painted all pine parts as well as one side of the new mdf panels white. Mounted wallpaper (with standard wallpaper glue) on the blue panels as well as on the unpainted mdf.

When mounting the bed I simply added my extra beams and mdf panels and secured them with wood screws. To get a proper bed on the bottom I placed a Sultan Lade slatted bed base on top of two beams.

See more of the Kura bunk bed.

~ Susie, Sweden

Safety note on mattresses: 
Susie’s hack placed the bottom mattress on a Sultan Lade slatted base on top of 2 beams, which is an excellent move. If you’re thinking of skipping this vital step, don’t! An Ikea employee mentioned to an IKEAHackers’ reader that the bottom mattress should not be placed directly on the floor, as it is a health hazard.  Any standard (non organic) mattress should never be flat on the floor because the lack of air makes chemical vapors build up and escape through the top of the mattress, creating a health hazard for the person sleeping on it.  A bunky board should do the trick to lift the mattress and provide the needed air flow. [thanks Kristin!]. ~ Jules