Ikea Cabinet Door Desk

Materials: Akurum Cabinet Door and 4 Vika Adils Desk Legs

My husband and I share a beach inspired home office, and we were in need of a new desk. Our requirements were a longer desk for under $50.

I came across a long cabinet door for $10 in the AS IS section of Ikea. It is part of the Akurum cabinets – like an end cap for the wall of cabinets you’d build in your kitchen. I snagged 4 Vika Adils table legs, too. They only had red legs the day I was there, but at $3.50 a leg, it was no big deal. I decided to just cover up the red with sisal rope which coordinated with the room.

Here is how I made our desk:

1. Check and make sure your Ikea screws aren’t too long. Buy some shorter screws so they won’t ruin your desk.

2. Using a hammer, make small nail holes where the table leg screws will go.

3. Using a very small drill bit, drill pilot holes into the wood.

4. After spray painting the red screw plates white (just in case someone looks under the desk), use the drill to attach the plate to the cabinet door.

5. Hot glue the rope around the red Ikea legs.

6. Once all the legs are wrapped and glued, screw them onto the plates.

Once we got the desk to its new spot, it seemed to bow just a little bit. I could buy another desk leg, but instead I put this table we already had in the middle. It gives us some storage and distinct His and Hers working spaces.

This project cost me just under $50. 🙂

See more of the cabinet door desk.

~ Beth @ Free Stylin’, United States