Kilby upgrade

Materials: Kilby Bookcase

I just love Kilbys because they’re so cheap and only 24 cm deep. Well I love it, except the grey board behind the shelves, what were they thinking?

Anyway I bought 4 Kilbys for my living room and figured I can do something about the boring grey. At first I wanted to paint it, but then decided on wall paper. I found an animal print that i liked and got to work. It was quite easy actually. I used Mod Podge to glue the wall paper.

The width of the gray panels is bigger then that of the wall paper, so I had to do a bit of cutting after the wall paper got almost dry. I secured the bookcases separately to the wall according to Ikea instruction and added some metal frames between them to pin them together and make it look like a single piece of furniture.

See more of the Kilby upgrade.

~ Ioana, Bucharest, Romania

Jules Yap