Lego playhouse

Materials: Expedit (2×2), double sided adhesive tape (glue would probably work too), lego base plates, optional some laminated Lego posters

Description: In order to help my sons play together with LEGO, I made this LEGO playhouse.

They can sit or stand facing each other and play together. Plus all their creations are in one designated area. They absolutely love it!

I took a 2×2 Expedit and taped 32×32 base plates on each of the shelves with the strongest double sided tape I could find.

On top I taped two 48×48 base plates which together make a soccer field. Make sure to hold them together with some LEGO before taping, as to make sure there is no space between them.

To inspire them I laminated some Lego posters of their heroes and taped them on the inside.

~ Misha Rahman van Eeden, the Netherlands