NePAX Wardrobe goes electric

Materials: PAX Wardrobe, power strip, rotary saw, drill, curtain grommets, hot glue

Description: We spent an entire weekend putting together the Pax wardrobe… it took a Saturday evening until 3am and the majority of a Sunday to complete. It was a pretty major undertaking, but the part I want to tell you about is how we modified it to accommodate an electrical outlet and gave me the ability to charge my phone and iPad.

We used a rotary saw to cut away the cabinet around the outlet that was behind the wardrobe.

Next we cut a hole in the side between to two cabinets of the wardrobe and hot glued a curtain grommet to each side of the rough cut hole.

Then all we had to do was mount a power strip on the inside of the wardrobe and plug all my chargers in.

Now my clothes are all hung neatly in their place, shoes nestled on their slide out rack, iPad softly displays the time, and my precious (a.k.a. iPhone) charges all night while I sleep peacefully.

See more of the Pax wardrobe charging station.

~ Stacey