RUNDEL Laundry Bin Smoker

Materials: RUNDEL Laundry Bin, LANSA Handle; Grundtal S-hook

Description: Quite easy hack – and a rather cheap way to make a smoker that can be used for cold smoking of meat, fish, poultry.

1 RUNDEL Laundry Bin,
1 LANSA Handle (2-pack),
1 Grundtal S-hook (5-pack),

Unpack the lid from the laundry bin and unpack the LANSA handles.

Use the pre-drilled holes in the handles to mark where you need to drill holes to mount them with screws to the lid.

Make sure you do not place the handles too close to the edge. Then you won’t be able to hang any meat on them without the meat touching the side of the bin (you do not want that).

I placed the handles rather close to the center of the lid – parallel to each other.

Make sure the S-hooks are washed and rinsed really well before they are used for smoking.

I usually use finely ground beech wood (wood dust/wood chips) for smoking, around 1½ liter placed in a “U” at the bottom of the smoker. Ignite the wood in one end, put the lid on (with the meat hanging in the S-hook’s). Check that the smoke is rising from the hole in the middle of the lid – and wait.

I’ve managed to keep the smoking process going for 20 hours.

If you want more smoke it’s probably a good idea to drill one or two holes in the side of the laundry bin, close to the bottom.

Happy smoking

~ Mikkel Korsgaard, Copenhagen