Silent Night! Holy Night!

16 Hampen carpet 80×80, carpet from the building center 400×300, ca. 250 nails, ladder, sledge, flat nose plier, water bubble, carpet cutter, folding yardstick

Description: Hi folks! After 2 days of really hard work, I want to show you my new “Hampen” wall.

I love living in old buildings. Jugendstil, art nouveau, victorian, I don’t care. But I hate those wafer-thin walls and if you have noisy neighbors as i do, you can hear everything – and i mean “everything”.

So, after 2 months of uncomfortable living, I decided to find a functional solution, that is cheap, easy to install and good looking. So I came up to a carpet wall and as you can see on the photos, I am totally an Ikea fan. I looked on the website and found the small Hampen (80x80cm) for 6.99€.

The next day, it was Friday, I went to my Ikea and bought 16 pieces, cause I had to cover 3.65×2.55 meters. But then I realized, that the Hampen would not be enough noise dampening, because the bottom side is very hard.

So I went to the next building center and bought a huge piece of soft carpet. It only cost me 40€, because it was ugly green and it was the rest of the roll. Home again, I nailed it rear sided on the wall and cut off all the sides. After that, I had to cut off all sides of the Hampen to a 78x78cm size, because they are all handmade and every carpet is unique (means not exactly 80×80 and not fluffy on each side). Then, after lots of tests, nails and a muscle tension, I finished my Hampen wall on Sundays eve. :-))

Now, I feel very comfortable and homelike. The noise is reduced to a minimum, it fits my furniture and it only cost me 152€ (+ nails).

Cheerio, Ciao und Grüße!

~ Frank, Stuttgart, Germany