The Gear Project 2

Materials: RIBBA 25×25 photo frame, 3D-printer, imagination and lots of time.

Description: I don’t know if you will call this a hack. It is built around the IKEA RIBBA frames. But there are lots more to it.

Over all it is a kinetic piece of art. I got the idea after I had created the “Gear Painting“. If I could print gears… Then why not universal joints? After some testing there was no way back, I just had to do it. 🙂

I designed the project in SketchUp and printed out all the parts that was not metal and frames. Lot’s of effort was put in to measuring distances and cutting holes in the frames.

All parts that spins sits on ball bearings for a smooth and quiet operation.

The LEDs are controlled with a small remote and the movement can be turned of with a Nexa remote socket breaker.

This is a very short description of the project. But I have a more detailed version here.

You can also download all the drawings and STL:s from Thingiverse here.

I will add a small movie as soon as I have made one. 🙂

~ Erik Pettersson, Enköping, Sweden

Jules Yap