The Great Divide

Materials: 1 red Spontan magnet board, 6-8 Spontan magnet cups

My kids share a desk, which just happens to be an old Ikea kitchen table. They would never use it at the same time, because they said they had no privacy, and they were always fighting over whose stuff was on whose side of the desk. So, I decided to put a stop to all the problems once and for all.

The solution?

I turned a Spontan magnet board, which was originally meant to be hung on the wall, into a really simple, but very effective, desk divider. Now they each have their privacy, a place to hang notes or photos, and the cups serve as holders for pencils, scissors, etc. No tools needed.

1. Hold the magnet board on its side.
2. Position cups, with magnetic parts facing each other, on opposite sides of the board. Put two on each end, and the rest along the middle.

You can do this with six cups, but eight give more stability.

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~ Mother Theresa, Pamplona, Spain

Jules Yap