The perfect childseat

Materials: 2 step stools IKEA BEKVÄM

My granddaughter is 18 months and she needed a chair to sit when she comes to visit, but I didn’t really feel like spending a lot of money for it.. What I did then was buying 2 step stools BEKVÄM. I built one according to the instructions to create the base of the chair.

Then I cut the sides of the other step stool at 15 cm to create the armchairs and used the first step to create the back of the chair (you will need to cut it slightly otherwise it is too wide). The sides of the step stool are a bit wider than the top, so I added a little piece in the back (still from the pieces of BEKVÄM) to solve the problem. Add some paint, two pieces of foam and some cute textile and you get the perfect chair for less than 30 €. What to do with all the leftover from the step stools? A small stool to use in the bathroom!

~ Marzia, Italy

Jules Yap