Materials: Marius stool, wood, chainsaw, planer, sandpaper and screws

Description: Went to some friends and got a big log of pine. They are rebuilding a house and also giving the garden a brush-up so the log was quite fresh and still moist.

Used a chainsaw to cut up the log in 8 cm “discs” and then made them look nice and even with a planer and a good pile of sandpaper.

Gave the wood discs a little oil on the top to make them more resistant towards dust, water or…

Just used big screws to mount the wood on the legs of Marius. The original seat just went into the waste bin.

I really love the look of these stools, used them for a present for my best friends on the opening day in their interior store.

I guess that the wood will twist a little as it dries up but then it will be possible to adjust the screws and make the top even again.

The stool are meant to be used as a small table for nice stilllebens.

The strange name Træburet is Danish and made by mixing the word træ (wood) and taburet (stool). So it gives perfect sense in danish but not in English I guess 🙂

See more of the wood stool.

~ Anne Stange, Silkeborg Denmark