A second life for your IKEA catalogs

Materials: IKEA catalogs and rice glue (ecological)

Description: A small box and one empty pockets made from an IKEA catalog and to keep in mind recycling / ecology, I realized a glue based on rice starch.

For the glue :
In 1/3 liter of water, cook 200 g of rice or rice flour at low heat.
You can use a rice that has already been cooked, still a …
When the rice is very (too) cooked, the starch content in rice is naturally going to be diluted in water. The liquid will thicken and whiten. Add a little water if too thick.
Filter, cool the rice glue.

It is of paper tape 3 cm, folded in four in the width and assembled one upon the other with 3 millimeters each time offset.

~ Cyril Cvprince, France Rouen