Ancient lamp hack

Materials: Januari, Ancient beam

Description: I’ve been browsing through IKEA HACKERS a lot lately, because I moved into a new apartment. One idea caught my eye and I decided to try this for my own apartment.

I found a ancient oak beam from the house which was build at the spot where my parent’s house is located right now. It was build in the 17th century. The small piece of that oak beam was laying around at our attic.

I sanded the beam to get all the dust and dirt off. Then I cut the beam into three segments of different lengths. I took a drill and drilled through the middle of the beam, so that you can pull a cable through.

I unscrewed the Januari apart and attached a new longer cable to the lamp. I modified/shortened the metal pipe and pushed it into the drilled hole. I attached the bottom part under the lowest piece of the oak beam and voila, the lamp is done!

~ Joachim, Würzburg, Germany