Cool speaker friendly Besta doors hack

Materials: Besta cabinets, wood framed doors with Home Depot Metal Screens

Description: Ok, so my wife and I bought 2 Besta cabinets and glass panels to hang our TV and store our sound components. We were gathering all the various pieces in the warehouse and of course the doors we wanted were not in. So we brought it all home anyway and proceeded to assemble.

As I was hacking up the cabinet backs to run speaker wire (many posts already about that) she asked if we could put speakers in the cabinets so we didn’t have to look at them. Well, we could but once we went all the way back to Ikea to get doors, once the doors were closed, it would block the sound. So here is what we did.

I took measurements of doors we wanted off the website (which ended up being 1/2 longer than the cabinets so don’t take web site measurements as accurate was first lesson). Then I made 4 picture frame squares to those dimensions and routed a grove around the inside edge of the back.

Then from Home Depot, we bought squares of metal sheeting with perforated holes, and cut them to fit the grove I routed in the frames. We then went to fabric store and bought black fabric to put behind that. Then I cut some rails to hold it all together. We used European hinges and VOILA ! Cabinet doors that hide speakers, components and allow sound to come out and remote control signal to go in. Needless to say we were very proud of ourselves, and we saved a trip back to IKEA. Oh yeah and we painted them all white to match cabinets.

~ Justin Drury, Lexington Kentucky