Hifi rack from six Lack tables

Materials: Lack table, drill press, drill, screws, threaded rod

Description: Hardly an original hack but I have built a hifi rack out of Lack tables.

Six Lack tables were purchased. Then it was off to the hardware.

Two lengths of threaded rod, two lengths of 45mm dowel, some screws and nuts and washers and I was ready to go.

The dowel was cut to length, 4 at 200mm, six at 150mm. Then it was placed in a vice on the drill press and a hole was drilled through the length of the dowel.

I also had to drill a hole through the Lack tables where the screw was meant to go.

The dowels were painted and then it was just a matter of assembly.

The metal threaded rod was fed through one table, legs were put on the rod, then another table was put on.

When finished I just had to tighten the dome nuts at each end.

Lastly a 240mm wide plank was affixed to the back of the unit supporting each shelf.

~ Andrew, Melbourne, Australia

Jules Yap