Kitchen waste sorting cabinet

Materials: 2 x FAKTUM 40x70cm cabinets, 2 x NEXUS 40x70cm cabinet doors, 2 x RATIONELL Deep fully-extending drawer+damper, 2 x VINNA 320mm handles, 4 x SLUGIS plastic bins

Description: I needed a comfortable way (and space) to sort waste materials in my kitchen, so I decided to build a stylish cabinet with sliding drawers.

Since I already had a custom small table built from a pine table top and two VIKA KAJ legs, I had an empty space to fill. So I bought two FAKTUM wall cabinets and placed them horizontally, and stacked. The only hack here is on the drawers. Since IKEA doesn’t make drawers for the 70cm cabinets, I took two 80cm drawers and cut them to fit in the cabinets. Also I had to make custom holes to apply the drawer guides. Finally, I applied the NEXUS cabinet walls to the drawers with other custom holes.

~ Salvatore Carotenuto, Giffoni Valle Piana, Salerno, Italy

Jules Yap