LACKed a 3 tier display

Materials: 5 Lack side tables, 2 sets Capita legs, 1 Ekby Jarpen shelf

Description: Working for a small business means we don’t have a lot of money to spend on fixtures, especially since most fixtures for retail are way over-priced. We needed a 3-tier display and in retail fixture catalogs nothing was less than $300. We’ve been using Ikea as a less-expensive alternative for our fixtures and having become a fan of Ikea Hackers I decided to see if I could create something myself.

I purchased 5 LACK Side tables ($9.99 ea) in black-brown. I put together 4 of them as normal for the base. The fifth one I added the Capita Legs in the 8in size ($14 for 4). I just drilled them into the bottom of the LACK table in place of the regular legs. For the top tier I used an EKBY JARPEN ($14.99) shelf that had been cut down to about 1ft square. Add some paint to the unfinished sides of the EKBY JARPEN shelf, then attach the second set of Capita legs to this.

What makes it great for business is that it’s really versatile and allows for quick changes. All told I only ended up spending $92.94 and got a great looking display out of it.

~ Joe Robles, Austin, TX