Malm Chest to changing table

Materials: MALM Chest of 4 drawers white, laminated wood, screws, metal brackets

Description: We needed a changing table and a chest for the room of our babies but there wasn’t enough space, so decided to enlarge the top of a Malm chest and use it as changing table.

We bought some pieces of laminated wood in a bricolage store (they cut it for me).
These are the exact measurements I used:
– 1 table 22Cm x 80Cm (80Cm is the Width of the Malm I used).
– 2 pieces width: 70Cm, height 6Cm, Depth 2Cm that I used for the lateral edges
– 1 piece width: 80Cm, height 6Cm, Depth 2Cm that I used for the bottom edge.

Using some metal brackets (see the pictures for details), parser screw, and the electric screwdriver I fixed the pieces on the rear side of the Malm.

The last details:
– padded decorative cloth on the edges fixed using double-sided tape.
– Disney’s princess decorations on the drawers

I used it as a changing table for about 5 years.
Now I unmounted it because the babies grew up, as all the screw hole are hidden in the rear part of the chest, now we can use it just as a simple chest.

See more of the Malm changing table.

~ Raffaele, Italia

Jules Yap