There’s a leg in my wall

Materials: Vika Amon screw-able table leg

Description: My son wouldn’t sleep in his bed. Nothing helped. Every night he would crawl into our bed, and as charming as that may be, I would often find myself cramped in his toddler bed back aching and head busy with finding a solution to these ongoing sleeping arrangement… Well one night an idea came up! Instead of shouting Eureka, I screamed Ikea….

The next day I went to the store and bought a simple office table leg (the one that has a screw-able leg Vika Amon), I screwed the plate onto the wall right above my son’s bed, bolted the leg, and stretched a yellow cotton fabric over his bed (I tied the fabric onto the sides of his Ikea toddler bed). My son now has a tent he refuses to leave…. needless to say I got my bed back!

p.s. The leg can be easily removed when not in use, the plate, however remains on the wall and can be painted on – or covered see photos below.

See more of the over bed tent.

~ Miki Steiner, Tel Aviv