Vika Veine convertible computer desk

Materials: Vika Veine + legs, a desk pad, LED screen, thin keyboard

Description: I was in search of a good way to hide away my keyboard and monitor since I had to use my living room as part of my office.

I saw this item at IKEA and bought it figuring that I could make it work.

I bought a Viewsonic LED monitor because they’re super-thin, and have both a VESA mount, and an DVI jack that’s parallel to the screen.

The most difficult part of this project was to drill the VESA holes through the top of the desk accurately. I countersunk them, then attached the monitor to the inside of the desk. I filled the holes on the top with some wood filler to keep it flat, then used some silicone caulk to attach the desk-pad permanently.

Care must be taken when choosing the components, as the inside clearance isn’t very much. Between the LED monitor and THIN Logitech keyboard, I was able to make it work!

Sorry about the not-so-good photos, but you get the idea. Also, need to work on some cable management.

~ Tak, Boston, MA

Jules Yap