Dining Room Hutch

Materials: AKURUM base and wall cabinets with Liljestad dark brown drawers, doors, and cover panels. The counter surface is a PRAGEL white counter. Tools required include a jig saw, and a table or skill saw in addition to the usual IKEA recommended tools.

Description: The hutch consists of two 30″ base 2 + 2 drawer cabinets fastened together and covered with the countertop (cut to desired length), two high 30″ wall cabinets which rest on the counter and are fastened together and to the wall,and two horizontal cabinets resting on the high cabinets also fastened together and to the wall.

All cabinets have cover panels on the ends and the counter is notched to accommodate the high cabinet cover panels. A toe kick is added under the base cabinets as is normally done in a kitchen application.

~ David Ahrens