Dual Phone Charging Station

Materials: RIBBA Frame (9×11), Micro-USB Y-splitter, foam sheet, felt sheet, dremel, tacky spray, epoxy glue.

With two phones having to charge at the same time I needed a way to use only one outlet to charge both and have less cables running aroung. I looked online for charging stations but found nothing really cheap and which would fit my living room decor. So I decided to make one for less than $10.

1. Take the RIBBA frame apart, discard the glass panel and mat. Rip the support “foot” from the back panel with pliers. You should now be left with the frame itself and the back panel.

2. Since the back panel is slightly smaller than the frame it was made bigger by wrapping it with a foam sheet first, then wrapped with a felt sheet. Everything glued with tacky spray. Both sheets provide cushioning and a scratch-free surface for the phones.

3. Drill a rectangular hole in the frame to fit the female end of the Y-splitter. Measure, drill and use a file for the corners. Slide the Y-Splitter in the hole. If loose you can glue it in place.

4. Glue the back panel onto the frame. Voila!

~ Phong, Irvine, CA