Fabric Covered Magnet Board for Bead Organization

Materials: Spontan Magnet Board, Fabric, Mod Podge, Metal Containers, Magnets

Description: I grabbed a magnet board from IKEA to use as a way to store my beads in my craft room. I wanted it to look girly, so I covered it with pretty fabric!

I cut the fabric to slightly larger than my magnet board and then just applied Mod Podge over the fabric to adhere it to the board. I did two total coats, and let it dry for a day before putting on the second coat.

After the top was dry, I trimmed away some of the fabric from the sides and then just wrapped it around and hot glued it to the back of the board.

I hung the board on my craft room wall, and put mini-metal containers with magnets hot glued onto the back full of beads!

See more of the bead board.

~ Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims, United States