IKEA Melodi – Knitted lamp

Materials: IKEA Melodi lamp, (white) wool, quick knit ring, universal glue 23 cm

Description: I was inspired by a knitted lamp I spotted on a DIY page, but I had no knitting experience. So I used a quick knit knitting ring which has a really easy stitch. I like the end result, the light it transmits is warm and it looks natural I think.

I followed the instructions that come with the knitting ring to create a hat, but I didn’t finish it off. I left the top open and pulled it over the Melodi lamp. I tied the top with the yarn ends. I didn’t increase or decrease (that looked too difficult to me) so I just used the stretch of the yarn. I attached the bottom with dots of universal superglue, holding it down for some minutes with clothes pegs until the glue had dried.

I used handspun pure wool that I found in a second hand store. I guess you could use any type of yarn, as long as it stretches enough (or else you’ll have to in/decrease). You can of course also use round knitting needles.

~ Laura, Sweden