Kai’s great IVAR cot

Materials: 2 x IVAR shelf 80 x 50 cm, 2 x IVAR side panel 50 x 125 cm, 1 x IVAR side panel IVAR 30 x 125 cm, 1 x blind ENJE white 60 x 250 cm, 4 x RILL roles, 1 x OBSERVATÖR Cross-brace, thin rope, screw, paint, Mattress

1. Drill ventilation holes in one shelf.
2. Cut the two 50-cm IVAR side unit to about 70 cm.
3. Cut the 30-inch IVAR side unit into two 80 cm long wooden spacers.
4. Paint all wooden parts.
5. The IVAR shelving unit assembled according to instructions.
6. Stabilize anything with brackets and screws (except the mattress board to ensure that the height is adjustable).
7. Screw the bottom rollers.
8. Fit between the two sides panels the 80 cm long wooden bar top.
9. Cut the Roller Blind fit for the side pieces (2 pieces 60 x 80cm and 2 pieces x 60 x 43.5 cm) and attach with a staple gun (under the bed surface mount only slightly to the left board height adjustable).
10. Drill small holes in the sides pierced and pull through a thin rope or a washing line or a cable.
11. Cut mattress if necessary, clean linens, finished.

1. The cot has wheels. So the baby is always near you.
2. The mattress is adjustable in height.
3. The mattress is 50 x 80 cm. The baby can lie long in bed.
4. The cot has storage space for wrapping things or toys.
5. The baby can see through the transparent side panels.
6. The cot has a good amount to save for their own backs.
7. The cot is very easy to build.
8. We find that the cot looks great.
9. The baby bed is only about 72€.
10. If the baby is too big for the baby bed, the bed is simply turned back into a shelf.

~ Bianca Reinecke, Germany