Mind the Gap With Antonius Wire Baskets

Materials: Antonius wire basket drawers, zip ties

When we placed our Tylosand sofa up against a bay window, it left a 7 inch gap between the sofa and the window sill, a space wide enough for our toddler to fall into. Images of our little one stuck upside down back there kept flashing through my mind so we needed a childproofing solution. One important consideration: the floor vent in the gap behind the couch meant whatever was used had to allow for air flow.

Wandering though the house, I spied my Antonius with wire basket drawers and a lightbulb went off. The steel Antonius wire baskets would be strong enough to hold the weight of a toddler and the open mesh wouldn’t block the vent. The wire baskets filled the gap perfectly and were short enough that they didn’t protrude over the top of the couch. All I had to do was slip the baskets behind the sofa and connect them with zip ties so they couldn’t be pulled out by a toddler. Voila! Babyproofing solution for $10 ($2.50 per basket) and I can reuse the baskets once they’re no longer needed behind the couch.

~ Sydney, Chicago, IL