Ordning living room standing lamp and pendant light

Materials: lamps, Ordning cutlery holder, children’s toys and dessert bowl

Description: I made several lamps with IKEA components using:

– Lamps
– Utensils holder
– Small pots of children’s toy

The floor lamp uses 3 lamps from IKEA and 3 “pots” of a child’s toy from IKEA and three Ordning (short) as lampshades. Each bulb has its own switch. The long stainless steel rods I bought elsewhere.

The ceiling light uses four Ordning containers (long) as lampshades and four lamps from IKEA without its usual plastic shade. Their stems have been shortened. On the ceiling, I used two IKEA dessert bowl to hide the cables and holes.

~ Jo Walling, Beaconsfield, QC, Canada