Petal light

lampshade (for example, Ikea JÄRA diameter 34cm), craft petals (I needed for my lampshade 300-400 pieces), hot glue and hot glue gun, scissors

Description: I found craft petals really yummy, so I started to wonder what could I do with those. A Lampshade! This project is super easy and fast. Suitable also for beginners.

1. Cut the top of the petals. It makes the crafting easier (the petals will be more flat).

2. Start adding the petals from the bottom of the lampshade. Add hot glue and attach petals only from top of the petal. You don’t need to glue the whole petal. Use overlapping style. Remember, the thicker you place the petals, the more voluminous lampshade will be.

3. Keep on going. Place the next layer. Hide the upper part of the petal (in row before) by placing the next layer a bit on top of the another.

4. If you wish, you can use a trim at the top of the lampshade. I just placed the edges of the petals lined with the top of the lampshade.

See more of the petal lampshade.

~ Johanna, Finland