Pokeball Regolit Pinata

Pokeball IKEA Regolit hack

Every year I craft with my son a piñata for his birthday, and this year he’s obsessed with Pokémon and asked for a Pokéball-shaped one. After trying (and failing) with a papier-maché covered beach ball, I used a ready made and super cheap Regolit lampshade (1,99 €) and some crepe paper.

The result was a huge Pokéball which the children loved, and it even came with a metal structure great for hanging it.


1x Regolit shade (1,99 € here in Spanish IKEA)
5x rolls of crepe paper (1 black, 2 red, 2 white)
Glue gun
Piñata goodies

DIY Pokeball with crepe paper


1. Unfold and mount Regolit shade. Cover the bottom with a bit of paper or tissue and some glue. Keep the top open.
2. Cut crepe paper in small squares (about 5×5 cm) and twist them pinching the centre (like small flowers)
3. Glue small paper bits to Regolit shade, following the Pokeball pattern.
4. Fill with usual piñata stuff.
5. Hang and use.

Pokeball pinata for kids party

Total cost (without goodies) = 7€ (and about 3 hours!)

~ Inés, Spain

Jules Yap