Prant storage boxes become steam punk wall storage

Materials: Prant storage boxes: 1 lidless box, 1 medium sized lidded box, and 1 large size lidded box. NB: I did not use the lids. You will also need: A roll of aluminium roof flashing, Shiny nickel upholstery nails, Construction adhesive (something that will glue together metal and wood), Black spray paint, A spare nail. Tools required: Heavy-duty snips, Hammer

Description: Before assembling the boxes, spray the inside of the box panels with matt black spray paint. Allow to dry.

Assemble the boxes following the instructions (you do not need to assemble the lids).

Carefully measure each wooden side of the box (ie do not include the metal corners in your measurements).

Cut panels to fit these dimensions from the aluminium flashing.

Attach 1 of these aluminium pieces to the box using the construction adhesive in a zig zag pattern.

Now you are ready to attach the upholstery nail studs.

On each side measure ½ inch in from the metal corner strip and rule a line parallel to it. Now measure ½ inch down from the top of the box and make a mark. Make 4 further marks at 2″ intervals down your pencil line. These are the guide marks for your studs.

Using the spare nail, punch holes at each of the marks, just deep enough to break through the surface of the aluminium.

To make the studs: use the heavy-duty snips to cut the ends off enough upholstery nails to fit over all the holes, leaving a small stub of nail. Make sure you wear safety glasses when you do this.

Put small dabs of construction adhesive on each hole. Seat the stub of an upholstery nail in one of the holes, and gently tap with a hammer to secure it in position. Repeat until you have all of the holes covered with upholstery nail studs.

Turn the box to the next side, and repeat the above. Allow these two sides to dry for 24 hours before doing the other two sides, otherwise you risk dislodging your studs.

Measure the wall space you have to hang the boxes in. Play with their arrangement on the floor until you find one that you like. Make a small sketch of the layout, including the heights of the boxes, and the distances between them.

Transfer these measurements to the wall, and hang by screwing through the inside top corners of the boxes into the wall. Use appropriate screws/attachments for your wall (ie brick, dry wall, etc).

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~ Quirk Street, San Francisco, California