Smila wall lamps into custom kids’ super hero night lights

Materials: Smila wall lamps, plastic bowls with lip, Mod Podge, paper graphics of choice, screws & drywall anchors, nylon spacers

Description: Kids outgrew Smila Moon and Star wall lamps so we creatively upgraded. Purchased colorful plastic serving bowls with lip (available for $1 from Walmart) with sufficient diameter to completely cover the bases of Smila lamp. Designed graphics on computer to suit our super hero themed room. (Could use custom drawings, internet print outs, or cut outs from magazines.)

Using Mod Podge, decoupaged images to the outside of plastic bowl (or could do the inside if you are looking for a shadow effect that is apparent only when lamp is lit). Mounted wall lamp without Ikea cover to wall. Took bowl and marked mounting points on lip (I marked 3 per bowl at equally spaced intervals).

Drilled holes into marked points of bowl. Placed bowl over mounted wall lamp and used holes in bowl to mark drill points on wall. Mounted the bowl using screws (with drywall anchors as needed) and nylon spacers. Nylon spacers (little, cheap cylinders in the hardware section at places like Lowes) should be between the bowl and the wall – these offset the bowl from the wall enough to permit the wall lamp’s cord to pass through and to prevent heat build up from the bulb.

~ Ruby Basham, Athens, GA