VATE owl night light

owl lantern

Materials: VATE table lamp

My daughter needed a night light for her room. The small plug-in-the-wall ones just didn’t provide enough light, so I was looking for something cute I could hang that could provide more light without being to expensive. IKEA had a few children’s wall lamps, but none that I really liked for her room. I saw the VATE paper table lamp ($9.99) at the store and thought I could make it into something cute. Here’s what I did:

Using a circle cutter, cut circles out of black and white construction paper for the eyes. (2″ for white, 1″ for black)

Cut 5 more 2″ circles out of 4-5 different colored scrapbook paper, then cut the circles in half for the “belly feathers.

Cut out 3 narrow strips of scrap paper (about .5″ x 3″)

Glue 4 half-circles on one strip
Glue 3 half circles on another strip
Glue 2 half cirlces on another strip
Glue 1 half circle on the last 2 half circles

Draw a wing-shape on the back of a purple dotted scrapbook paper (purple is the main color theme in her room) and folded the paper in half, then cut out the drawing so I ended up with 2 symmetrical wings.

Cut out 2x 2.5″ circles out of the same paper as the wings

Assemble the eyes:
Glue the black circles on the white circles
Glue the white circles (now with the black circles on it) on the 2.5” scrapbook circles

Cut out a triangle and “feet” out of orange felt

Using a glue gun, glue the eyes on, followed by the orange triangle for the beak.

Glue on the strips with the half circles to form an upside down triangle to form the belly feathers

Glue on the wings

Glue on the orange feet

Hang from the ceiling with a screw hook and ribbon

Plug in and enjoy!