Borrby and Lagra Light


Materials: Borrby Lantern, Lagra Light, 1/2″ Drill bit, Metal Snips and Frost Spray

Description: This is modified from a previous hack.

I didn’t have a broken light to start with and the options that I found for the light portion weren’t cost effective.

I started with the Borrby Lantern ($7.99 US), and the Lagra Work Lamp ($4.99 US).
The spray paint, I got at Michael’s for just under $10, which I will use again on the next one I make)

Remove the glass from the lantern. Then, find the center of the top of the Borrby, and drill a hole through the metal with a 1/2″ drill bit.

Find the center of the bottom glass support on the back of the lantern, and snip it completely off (this is how the power cord gets outside of the lantern).

Frost the glass according the paint can directions. I used three coats and put the frosted side on the inside of the lantern because it can be scraped off.

Put the cord through and re-assemble the glass panels on the lantern.

Unscrew the top of the Lagra Work Lamp, and hang it at the top of the lantern, screw it in place.

The Lagra doesn’t come with a light bulb, so make sure you buy one at Ikea. E/R 14 or 17.

~ Christien Bumpus, United States

Jules Yap