Double-deck Rast

Materials: 2 x Rast, 4 x FÅGLEBODA Handles, 1 x FÅGLAVIK Handle, other Hanles, Screws, Paint, Saw, e wooden board/shelf

I had one Rast, the outer part painted in white with silver FÅGLEBODA Handles on the drawers. This was nice, but not nice enough so I decided to buy another Rast, getting more colors and replace a drawer with a shelf.

I started by painting one drawer front in red and used some handles I had for a long time. They are similar to the ones that came with the Rast but a little bit bigger, darker and more used looking.

As you can see on the pictures, I cut 2 drawer fronts in 2 parts and just put them together on the inside with a small plate and some screws. So when you look at the Rast it seems as if are two drawers but it’s still just one.

I painted them and used some different handles.

Then I placed one Rast on top of the other and for that it’s more stable I drilled some holes and used the small parts you normally use for shelves (in billy for example) – I don’t know how they’re called but you can see them on one pic.

What else? Oh yes, I didn’t fix the small board on the bottom of the upper Rast and I replaced a drawer with a shelf.

Guess that’s all…

~ Sabine, Basel, Switzerland

Jules Yap