Double height IKEA PS cabinet

Materials: Two IKEA PS, metal saw, drill, screwdriver and four metal screws.

Description: Using two cabinets, take one cabinet apart as seen on picture. Doing this will make the rest of the work easier.

Gently knock the side upwards using something soft. The coating/enamel is fragile! Draw a line where you want to place the cut. Use a hand metal saw. I started with a electrical grinder but the hand saw was much better. Make the cut as close to the base as possible. When you bring the side down again it will cover the cut and the more precise you are – the tighter fit.

You can use the plastic ends of the cut of legs if you like a tiny space between the two cabinets.

Make a hole for cables. Could have been done nicer but I used Gaffa tape – I LOVE GAFFA TAPE – can be used for anything and everything…

Put most of the cabinet together but leave the top of. Place on top of the other (not modified) cabinet. Make sure there is a good fit. In each corner there is an already existing hole. Mark the location with a pencil. Drill a hole with metal drill and screw cabinet onto the top of the bottom cabinet.

Put cabinet together and you have a double height cabinet. Can be done with red/white and i geuss you can stack them higher than i did…

The hidden compartment between the two cabinets will work perfectly to hide electrical cables in.

~ Calle Winskog, Sweden in Australia