Folding table + bench

Materials: Björkudden, two foldable shelf brackets, hooks

Description: Having my girlfriend move into my apartment we had a spare Björkudden table which we temporarily stored at our balcony.

This balcony being only one meter wide wasn’t big enough to place the table as a whole.

With the desire to be able to eat and relax on the balcony I wanted to create a space saving table which I could move and remove depending on the sun and rain.

Creating the foldable table was relatively simple when I found some fold-up shelf brackets at my local DIY-store. First sawing the table in the machine direction and hanging a wooden plate frame on the hooks. Then screwing the fold-up shelf brackets onto the frame. Finally screwing the half table onto the wooden frame on the proper height.

The other half of the table was accidentally of the perfect size to use as a matching bench. All I had to do was shorten the legs, and fasten the back legs(which came actually from a different Björkudden table) with several screws, as the original mounting of the legs are used in the table.

~ E. Bernhart, Amsterdam, The Netherlands