Lack doesn’t lack!


Materials: Hack Shelves x2 , three 2’x1.5″x.75″ Wood Bars, Screws, 1 6’x.5″x1.5″ Wood Beam

Description: For a fun little project….

Take some Ikea wall mount shelves (from the Lack series, you will need two of them), turn the brackets vertical, add three or four reinforcing bars, and leave a small reveal between the two shelves.

In the reveal you can add your own accent element (in this case it was a small red beam). Congratulations, you have successfully made Ikea shelves into a swanky coffee table.

See more of the swanky Lack coffee table and drawings of the assembly method. (link updated, February 25, 2016)

~ Matthias, Brooklyn

Jules Yap