Melltorp to Sewing Desk

Materials: Melltorp, Effektiv door.

Description: A sewing machine sitting on top of a desk isn’t the most ergonomic or comfortable. Hands are perched in the air to reach the sewing bed, kinda like The Thriller dance. Amy’s idea was to mount the Effectiv door panel below the surface of the desk and create an under table support for the Bernina. This would let the sewing bed sit flush to the desk.

Bolts were used to mount the panel so that it can be easily adjustable up and down to assure the surface was flat.

Here’s how it’s done:
1. Trace the outline of the sewing machine and sewing bed onto the MELLTORP table allowing slightly extra room for cords.

2. Use a jigsaw to cut it out.
3. Sand out the rough bits of the cut out with an orbital sander.
4. Mark out the holes for the bolts to mount the EFFEKTIV door below the desk.

5. Adjust the bolts up and down to make sure the sewing bed sat flush with the desk
6. Reinforce it all with nuts.

See step by step instructions & more photos of the sewing desk.

~ Amy Badskirt, Australia